How to care for your tap

Bidbury kitchen taps are made from exceptionally high quality materials. However, they still need to be looked after and cared for to ensure they deliver many years of trouble free service.


Ideally, you should dry the tap with a soft, clean microfibre type cloth after each use.

To prevent a build-up of grime that could cause damage to the surface or be difficult to remove, you should clean the tap regularly with a soft cloth and warm water.

Never use a multi-purpose kitchen spray cleaner on the tap as this could cause damage.

A mild PH-Neutral liquid soap can be used.

A microfibre cloth is effective in cleaning and polishing the tap without causing scratches on the tap surface as long as it is clean and free from any dirt.

Even a high quality Bidbury & Co kitchen tap can be damaged by Limescale build up. It is essential therefore that the product is cleaned down every day. In addition to a simple clean as highlighted above, we recommend the aerator at the end of the spout is unscrewed at least once a week and carefully cleaned and rinsed through. A mild 50/50 solution of Lemon Juice and water can be used to soak the aerator to help dissolve/soften any Limescale build-up. It is recommended that you do not soak for any longer than 30-40 minutes.

It is essential that no cleaning agents are used on the tap that could contain anything acidic or abrasive. Products containing such products as Bleach, alcohol, or vinegar should be avoided.  
Never use any abrasive cleaning cloths or pads as this will cause irreversible damage to the product surface. Scouring pads, wire wool, washing up sponges should all be avoided.
Never hang a cloth over the tap as this could cause the pattern to be transferred onto the surface of the tap and become impossible to remove. 

By using a simple but regular cleaning procedure, you will ensure your Bidbury tap continues to look as good as it did the day it was installed.

For more detailed information and to see instructional videos on how to care for your Bidbury tap visit our blog page.  We will over time build a comprehensive collection of videos providing invaluable and informative information on how to maintain your product.

Unlike many other manufacturers, we offer our comprehensive guarantee on all parts of the tap, including O-rings, valves and even the decorative surface.

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