How do you change the white porcelain levers to solid metal on your Bidbury & Co. kitchen tap?

Jan 19, 2024How To, Information

The beauty of a Bidbury & Co. kitchen tap, which comes with a white high quality porcelain lever as standard, is that you can change this if you want to! If you don’t have a kitchen sink made from white ceramic and would prefer your kitchen tap to have a matching metal handle then don’t despair. The clever designers at Bidbury & Co. have already thought of this and created an easy solution.

Each of the Bidbury & Co. taps, including the Amesbury, Malvern, Moreton, Taynton and Hanford, can all have their standard white levers changed. What’s more, it’s so simple!

Firstly, you will need to purchase the lever of your choice from your selected Bidbury & Co. retailer. Remember that the levers are supplied in singles, not as a pair. So if you have the Amesbury, Moreton or Hanford, you will need to purchase two!

So how easy is it to change the lever?

You don’t need any tools and you don’t need to call a plumber; nor do you have to turn off the water supply!

To start, we recommend you wear a rubber glove which will enable you to grip the lever easily without causing any damage.

  1. Simply take hold of the lever and twist in an anti-clockwise direction.
  2. Once loose, you can unscrew the end cap and remove.
  3. Then slide off the original white lever, leaving behind the centre pin and the base o-ring.
  4. The centre pin should be loose and should wobble slightly – this is normal.
  5. Ensuring the small black rubber o-ring is at the bottom of the centre pin, you can now slide your new metal lever onto the centre pin.
  6. Put the end cap back on the end and screw onto the thread until it is hand tight.
  7. Now, with your hand, simply grip the lever and twist in a clockwise direction until tight and solid.

That’s it – within just a few minutes you should have completely changed the look of your Bidbury & Co. kitchen tap.

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