How to change the valve in your Bidbury Moreton bridge tap

Jan 22, 2024How To, Information

In this short video we show you just how simple it is to change over the hot or cold valve.

The design team at Bidbury and Co. have ensured that any maintenance such as the changing of valves or o-rings can be done easily by the end user, without any plumbing knowledge. It also means there is no need to involve expensive plumber call out costs.

The priority for Bidbury & Co. is to also return the tap to full working order as quickly as possible. In most cases if a spare or replacement part is needed, this will be dispatched within just 24 hrs.

The following video shows just how easy this process is. Before you start removing any part from the tap please ensure the WATER SUPPLY IS TURNED OFF.

  1. Isolate the water supply.
  2. Unscrew the cold or hot cover cap.
  3. Unscrew the holding screw using an Allen key which secures the handle.
  4. Lift off the handle in a vertical motion. (This could be a little stiff if some limescale has developed).
  5. Unscrew the valve cover.
  6. Using an adjustable spanner (or similar) hold the tap body firmly with one hand and then undo the valve with the other.
  7. Remove the valve completely out of the body and ensure the tread and internal area is free from Debris and clean.
  8. Screw in the new valve and tighten up with the Spanner – Do not overtighten.
  9. Before putting the valve cover back on, place the handle onto the spindle and ensure it is in line. If not, try moving onto the next cog on the spindle. If this still doesnt line up, use the spanner and gently apply pressure in the required direction.
  10. To reassemble – repeat the above instructions in reverse.
  11. IMPORTANT – Ensure the handle is placed in the open position BEFORE turning the water back on. Once the water is turned on, let the water flow through the tap for 5-10 seconds to ensure any settlement or sediment that may have settled is flushed through and cannot get trapped in the new valve.

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